The company S.M.C. Ecology Division was established in 2013 in order to specialize and meet the ever increasing demand of Lavorarivo Market. It stems from a branch of the Society C.I.G.M. scarl General Carpentry, based in La Spezia, with twenty years experience in the construction, maintenance and repair of naval and industrial carpentry and mechanical maintenance of means for handling the commercial ports. Members have undertaken the above path making use of the experience of the OLM company personnel belonging to the group but now ceased, for the design and construction of water purification systems with the help of further knowledge in the field, given by the collaboration of professionals such as biologists and experienced engineers.

The core operations of S.M.C. are:


of new plants in the civil engineering, naval and industrial with applied technologies and installation of the same. Maintenance and repair of existing facilities.


Technical assistance to the means of handling and selling spare parts by technicians and consultants specialized in the field.


Construction, maintenance and repair of naval and industrial and civil carpentry.

S.M.C. Ecology Division S.r.l.

Registered Office: Piazza Caduti per la Libertà n°34 - 19124 La Spezia - Italia    

Headquarters: Viale San Bartolomeo n°629 - 19126 La Spezia - Italia

Phone: +39 0187 577962 P. IVA 01387200114

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