The company S.M.C. Ecology Division was established in 2013 it stems from a branch of the Society C.I.G.M. scarl General Carpentry based in La Spezia with twenty years experience in the construction, maintenance and repair of naval and industrial carpentry and mechanical maintenance of means for handling the commercial ports. The experience of our company in these areas continues to be more than 20 years and through collaboration with leading Italian construction sites is still very profitable. We built bridges of passenger ships and cargo, hulls of pleasure boats over 50 meters, built or repaired parts cargo ships for navigation on the lakes, we are constantly working with leading Italian shipping company for the maintenance of their fleet, and so on . In the industrial sector in addition to the carpentry that remains our primary work we are able to perform with good results even works of tubisteria, welding and general mechanics. Over the past decade the cooperative has dedicated a branch of the same maintenance of cargo handling equipment in ports (forklifts, cranes, tractors and trailers) performing mechanical machining, hydraulic and body with full of our satisfaction. clients. Currently our goal is to expand our. horizons beyond national boundaries and thus reach out to those countries that need to meet the demand for continued expansion in this sector exporting our know-how and our skilled workforce. To meet the needs of a larger customers we work with companies like us specializing in machining of described, and in 2015 we opened a new workshop in which we can perform in carpentry works with specialized equipment and trained staff in the field in order to meet a increased and more diversified demand.

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S.M.C. Ecology Division S.r.l.

Registered Office: Piazza Caduti per la Libertà n°34 - 19124 La Spezia - Italia    

Headquarters: Viale San Bartolomeo n°629 - 19126 La Spezia - Italia

Phone: +39 0187 577962 P. IVA 01387200114

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